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"Funding Research, Creating Awareness, Actively Educating"
Supporting funding, research and education to help families affected by traumatic brain injury.

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Since its inception in 2006, NKC has raised almost $130,000.00 for research at Hines VA Hospital, $122,000 for Sponsorship to BIA Summer Camp, Island Dolphin Cares week long therapy and for individual families with needs from an in home elevator for their renovation project, durable medical equipment, such as treadmills, walking devices, hand braces and just some supplies that were needed. We also started emergency funds so the families could figure out just what has happened to them and tend to their loved one with out worry of household bills.

Learn about Severe TBI and Ongoing Research in Severe TBI

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Nick Kot Charity for TBI

Nick Kot Charity For TBI is a national charity hosting events in and around Chicago, Illinois.