About Nick Kot

This charity was founded in honor of our son,brother and great friend to all. Nick Kot was a loving, funny, very special 18 year old, who one week after his 18th birthday, made a bad decision to ride in the back of a pick up truck to get a ride home from high school. As the truck made a slight turn, Nick fell out onto his head. This started a sad, long and hard, but somehow special journey for many people, especially us, his family. We suddenly learned all there was to know about TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY or TBI, which was not much. Out of desperation, Nick's brothers began running fundraisers to get him the best care and doctoring money could buy. This was the beginning of the NICK KOT CHARITY. For three and a half years, we did all that money could buy for a TBI, but nothing was available to bring Nick back to his family and friends. He remained in a vegetative state for the entire time. On Oct 2nd 2003, Nick went to a better, more peaceful place where he could be his smiling self again. He did have a great smile.

The most frustrating issue for us was that no one had any answers to the million questions we had. Everywhere we took Nick, all the doctors, therapist, hospitals, and rehabilitation institutions said “WE JUST DON'T KNOW”.

Throughout the three and a half years, we tried everything we could, some conventional and some unconventional. He was given medication on trial and error. Most did not make a difference. We enlisted Nick in a research project headed by Dr. Theresa Pape in which she collected data from Nick's behavior or the lack of it. This research has helped to diagnose the severity of a TBI. The need for research, education and awareness has always been a deep concern for us. In honor of Nick, we continued the fundraising but now it is a Non-for-Profit 501(c)3 Organization instead of a special needs fund for Nick. THE NICK KOT CHARITY FOR TBI, was started to raise money to further research and also educate and assist families who have loved ones who also suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. We are also bringing awareness of the frequency of TBI, mostly to young people in accidents, gun shots to the head, but also many of our soldiers are coming home with brain injuries. Our hope is to make a difference and somehow find a purpose for Nick's accident and death.
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Nick Kot Charity for TBI

Nick Kot Charity For TBI is a national charity hosting events in and around Chicago, Illinois.