How you can Help

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Nick Kot Charity is a non for profit 501(c)3 charitable organization. We depend on your generosity. Your support in our Events, such as Nick A Palooza (May), 5k race in Aurora (Sept) and Memorial golf outing (Oct.), allow us to help families obtain equipment and things that insurance does not feel is necessary, but in fact IS necessary to improve the quality of life of the brain injured person.
  • We Sponsor a Camper to attend the Wilderness Endeavor Camp, sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of Illinois.
  • We help to sponsor someone to participate in Island Dolphin Care Therapy in Key Largo Florida.
  • We help individual families with monetary donations to help with the needs of the Injured person.
  • Most Importantly, we support research so that science can catch up with this injury. Our research is headed by Theresa Pape DR.PH,MA,CCC-SLP/L at Hines VA hospital in Hines Illinois.

Email Trisha for more information on our charity and how you can help.

Nick Kot Charity for TBI

Nick Kot Charity For TBI is a national charity hosting events in and around Chicago, Illinois.